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Technical and Administrative Committees

Technical and Administrative Committees conduct specified functions of Network activity, advise the Steering Committee on certain Network policies and procedures, and provide technical expertise for protocol design. All standing Committees must review each protocol before protocol distribution to centers for implementation.

The Network solicits nominations annually from participating Core and Affiliate Centers. The Nominating and Steering Committees approve candidates to fulfill the 3-year term.

Technical Committees: For information regarding Technical Committees, navigate to the 'Who's Involved' page and locate the purple 'Technical Committees' tab on the left hand sidebar.

NEW! The BMT CTN is forming a BMT CTN Patient and Caregiver Advocacy Committee.  See Committee Charter and letter from BMT CTN leaders about the nomination process. Nominations are due by 12:00pm CT on Friday, August 26. For more information, contact Amy Foley: